About the Old Man

About the Old Man


When Giulio Cappello arrived in Australia from his native Italy in 1949, little did he know that he would be able to dedicate his working life to his passion - Viticulture.


In 1979 he planted a small block of Saint Macaire, a rare variety from the South West of France, which his family referred to as the 'Old Man's Block'.


This quaint wine has assumed a dear relationship in Guilio's life. Guilio has religiously set aside a not-insignificant quantity of this wine each year for home consumption and he continues to marvel at the range of flavours, fruit and aromas each distinct vintage is able to conjure.


Helped and encouraged by his family, Guilio continued to harvest his Old Man's Block, celebrating each vintage as a unique 'gift' from this rare variety of grapes until his passing in April 2015.



Giulio Cappello